What my day looks like on the farm...


This summer I worked every Wednesday and Friday from 8am to 4pm. Greenfield is 30 minutes away from where I was living in Amherst so I had to be up bright and early every day. I was very lucky to work alongside another intern, Hannah, who lived close by to me in Amherst. This meant that we could car pool and save gas. Hannah is also in the Sustainable Food and Farming program at Umass.


Some advice I would give to future farmers would be to stay in shape, drink plenty of water, and make sure to have a balanced breakfast. Working in the field under hot sun for long hours at a time was something my body had to get used to. You’re almost guaranteed a sore back for the first few weeks. My first day of farming I wore gloves and shoes, but these didn't last long. Personally, I think it’s much easier to harvest and weed with bare hands and feet. I found it more efficient to work with minimum baggage. 


Each day that I worked, we harvested in the morning and then cleaned up and weeded in the afternoon. Harvesting is pretty straight forward but you should pay close attention to the bulking size that is expected. Properly bulking vegetables is very important because you don't want to pick too much and have excess waste. You also don't want to pick vegetables that are not yet mature. Weeding can also be tricky. When a row has almost been entirely taken over by weeds, it’s hard to tell the difference between them and vegetable greens.




The farm crew and I. From left, Nate, Gina, Me, Hannah, and Coleman.